Jimmy Choo exotic limited edition 2015

jimmy choo

Sexy sexy
Sexy sexy

The story: a sense of glamour, adventure and eclecticism embodies the sentiment of the limited edition EXOTIC fragrance from Jimmy Choo for Summer 2015. A limited edition fragrance for spring and summer. It is the exact same scent as the original exotic just in a beautiful turquoise colour inspired by quintessence of fashion and the season’s bold colour palette.

Exotic is described as a “refreshing and sparkling scent” and combines notes of blackcurrant sorbet, pink grapefruit, tiger orchid, and passion flower. When I first sprayed Exotic on it seemed a bit strong potentially too sweet. But I noticed that the scent lightened up considerably after about only a few minutes, and transformed into something much more wearable. To me, the blackcurrant note is the most pronounced – and I love it, it’s delicious. Might be weird to categorize a perfume with an adjective I use when discussing desserts, but it really is.  It is categorised as a fruity floral chypre fragrance. Jimmy choo exotic retails at R695.

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