Surprise yourself with rubybox


“Surprise yourself” the motto of the brand and it is I mean imagine only paying a mere R169 per month and getting a gift for yourself every month customised based on your profile worth R250 plus free delivery. Beauty is always evolving which is why being a beauty addict myself there is always new things to try out and play with which is also one of the benefits of this service it introduces you to all the latest beauty products in trial size form so you can sample before you buy the full size. A lot of my previous posts have discussed this brand so if you regulary visit you would know I was one of their ambassadors that I worked with closely and watched it grow from strength to strength.They recently sent me a little new year’s surprise which was a January rubybox to showcase and discuss with you all. I really love the rebranded boxes in gorgeous pink and white and the box now slides open like a drawer which I see making it useful to make a beauty drawer to store makeup. So let’s get to it…

1.Natural lab SPF 30 natural face cream

Never heard of this brand before but I was rather impressed. It is a “green product” containing only organic ingredients with no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Ingredients include goodies like fruit oil, rooibos, sunflower oil and aloe. It’s not highly pigmented just offers a nice dewy effect. Suprisingly enough it feels very light and after applied it doesn’t feel like I have anything on sort of like skin. All the day creams I’ve tried feels heavy on the skin especially with such a high SPF and the fact that it is tinted I suspect it is due to the fact that it is because it is a chemical SPF.

2.rubybox super seamless foundation brush

Identical to the brush I discussed before just the packaging has been changed.Great quality and still going strong in my makeup brush collection.

3.Africology body butter

Another eco-friendy proudly south african brand made from natural essential oils like marula, african potato, rooibos and aloe vera. A deeply moisturising body butter that doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky and is soft enough to spread easily. What I can’t stand though is the scent thing elizabeth arden 8 hour cream and it’s very strong and does not fade which really does overpower your perfume but otherwise great body butter if you can stand the smell.

4.Mavala cuticle remover

Offers a quick and painless way of pushing down the cuticles. One thing I really don’t do is push down cuticles and the only time it happens is when I get my nails done at a salon and even then I find it a painful experience I still don’t get bothered or notice cuticles really.

And that’s it so if you want to subscribe you can click on the rubybox logo on the left or type in They really do make an amazing gift for someone else or maybe even yourself the choice is yours 🙂

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