Justine has a great range of sun protection for you this summer


Put your best face forward this summer with the new Solartec Age Defence for Face formulated with the advanced SolarTec-3 Technology and a blend of six botanical extracts. This product is lightweight and oil free, making it ideal for all South African Skin types. Quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave a white residue. With non-sticky and water resistant formula. The consistency of these is really thick but spreads out nicely once applied. I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin. On the ingredients I see vitamin E which is always great for the skin. Quite creamy and hydrating.

Intelligent sun care that will change the way you see the sun
*Prevent sun damage with
Put your best face forward this summer with the new Solartec Age Defence for Face formulated with the UVA / UVB protection
*Repair 50% of existing cell damage in just 24hours
*Protects against free radicals caused by the sun

The range consists of:
1. Solartec Skincare Age Defence for Age SPF 50 (R240-75ml)
2. Solartec Skincare Body Lotion SPF 40 (R245-75ml)
3. Solartec Lip Shield SPF 25 (R98)
Nice hydrating lip balm.
4. Solartec Sunless Tanning Lotion for Face and Body (R185-125ml)
5. Solartec skincare active protection Spray SPF50 (R230-150ml)
My fave out of the range I found this one the most comfortable and light weight. Nice high SPF and it feels quite refreshing like I’ve sprayed water on myself plus it’s quick to just spray sunscreen on. Quite surprising that it is so comfortable for such a high SPF as ussually the higher you go the heavier it feels.

And for the kids they have a range

1. Solartec Kids Roller Ball for body SPF40 (R110-75ml)
This one comes out turquoise but colour disappears after being rubbed into the skin. Contains some great ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile.
2. Solartec Kids Face and Body Cream SPF 50 (R230-75ml)

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