Introducing PEARL MODIADIE for Avon Aspire

Last week I attended Avon’s media launch of their newest fragrance, Aspire Essence and the announcement of Pearl Modiadie as the aspire fragrance line ambassador. The event took place at the gorgeous The Venue in Sandton, which has a breathtaking view of Sandton. It was all fun and games as we were given shooters of different juices to taste which represented the various notes in the fragrance.
At the announcement Pearl shared details of her background “I grew up in Ivory Park in Tembisa, my family and I lived in a small shack. When it rained we would use buckets so that it would prevent the rain from flooding the shack” and I used to be so ashamed of my background but not anymore because my background pushed me to be where I am today” she said in tears. A true inspiration to many and a really perfect fit for the fragrance line. A truly iconic and inspirational young woman! She is breathtaking in person and has an equally beautiful presence.

avon collage
So there are 2 female fragrances and 1 male fragrance. All Avon scents are incredibly great quality and value for money and last all day.
Avon South Africa proudly introduced Pearl Modiadie as the Avon South Africa Aspire Ambassador! Avon South Africa are extremely proud to have this iconic and inspirational young woman on board!
“Aspire is a fragrance that awakens my femininity, it is delicate yet strong. It captures who I am, my heritage, and speaks to the many aspects of being a woman”- Pearl Modiadie
Just like Pearl Modiadie herself, the Avon Aspire woman knows what she wants from life and isn’t afraid to go after it, she is proud of her heritage and the person she has become. Pearl is a South African actress, Television Content Producer and presenter, former magazine columnist, radio DJ and MC who embodies precisely who the Avon Aspire woman is…
*Avon Aspire

Pearl & Aspire Man
Be Anything… Be Everything
Avon Aspire is a floral bouquet of bold orange blossom and jasmine combined with warm woods and precious musks. This classic, bold fragrance that is bound to leave one feeling empowered. This adventurous scent takes its inspiration from the warmth, passion and determination of the South African woman. It has been a huge success since its launch in 2011 and is currently the third best selling female fragrance within the Avon portfolio.
This is a gorgeous smelling floral woody musk. The musk is very strong. This is suitable for winter due to the warm woody scent but still gives a edge with the florals. I like to wear florals all year around so this seems like a perfect winter or evening scent for me.

Aspire Eau de Toilette 50 ml: Regular Price R299
Aspire Hand & Body Lotion 150 ml: Regular Price R71.95
Aspire Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 50 ml: Regular Price R29.95

*Avon aspire essence


Pearl for Aspire Essence

Aspire Perfume Final

We bring out your inner beauty…You aspire to greatness…

In addition to Avon Aspire classic fragrance, in July/August 2014 Avon will introduce a flanker to the beautiful Aspire fragrance called Aspire Essence. This delicate fruity fragrance with top notes of pear and mandrin are combined in a floral heart and base notes which include cedar wood, amber and vanilla
”Inner beauty illuminates from within, leaving a lasting impression with everyone you meet. The true essence of a woman is a feeling of passion and confidence.” – Pearl
This scent is a fruity yet fresh kind of scent. Nice scent to wear during the day or in summer.

Aspire Essence Eau de Toilette 50 ml: Regular Price R299
Aspire Essence Perfumed Body Spray 75 ml: Regular Price R51.95
Aspire Essence Roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 50 ml: Regular Price R29.95


Aspire Man Model
Introducing… Aspire Man… We give you the confidence… You aspire to greatness
LAUNCHED: 12 May 2014 (Campaign 6)
Avon Aspire Man breaks away from the ordinary… offering a sophisticated masculine adventure. The contrast between spicy top notes and a woody finish results in an intriguing fragrance that is seductive.
This scent is a fresh woody citrus.
Avon Aspire Man Eau de Toilette Spray Size: 75 ml Regular price: R299
Avon Aspire Man Anti-Perspirant Roll-on Deodorant Size: 50 ml Regular price: R29.95
Avon Aspire Man Hair & Body Wash Size: 250 ml Regular price: R61.95
To order Aspire, Aspire Essence or Aspire Man, contact your nearest Representative or call Avon Customer Care on 0860 10 23 45. You can also view the brochure online on the Avon website. Follow Avon on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Pearl Modiadie on social media

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