Channi Chic limited edition accessory collection

A couple of weeks back Chantal from spoilt me with me a few pieces of her limited edition accessory collection. The Line is called Channi Chic(self named) as she wanted it to be an extension of herself, her blog and what I she likes. And the exciting thing is she will be continuously updating and creating new pieces.
My favorites from her collection( It's like she read my mind lol)
My favorites from her collection( It’s like she read my mind lol)
“The Channi Chic Limited Edition Accessory Collection is the Brainchild of Chantal Philander. It is a collection of Accessory pieces that are Fun, Quirky yet Chic. It has been individually put together adding that extra dash of love and originality. “
She started the line because being a fashion blogger she loves accessories and loves the power that it has to enhance an outfit. She has always wanted to create something unique that reflected her somewhat quirky personality and it eventually just flared into something special. She stared making earrings for herself as she found that she wanted a different kind of earring to what was being sold commercially. She also thought that this would add a nice element to her blog as some of her loyal readers would then have the ability to own some of my signature pieces. She found various quirky pieces and found that when made into an accessory it could turn out to be something rather extraordinary.
She’s also planning some exciting extensions and not just earings she plans adding bracelets and neck pieces to the line and a snood line for the coming of winter.
The pieces are definitely not something you would find in store they are very large and really draw attention and is great for somebody who wants to make a real statement!
The earrings are rather inexpensive. It ranges from R20 to R30. No reason not to spoil yourself with more than one pair. All earrings are individually put together adding that extra dash of love and originality. Can be purchased from her blog and can be shipped all across South Africa

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