Pure honey by Kim Kardasian


An enticing scent that draws people to you like bees to blooms. An alluring blend of raw wild honey and voluptuous florals, Pure Honey harnesses the legendary aphrodisiac power of honey to bring you Kim Kardashian’s most sensual fragrance yet. Aphrodite, goddess of love, used honey as her own personal nectar. Kim’s borrowed the nectar of the gods to make a fragrance as golden and radiant as she is, for a little taste of heaven.

Housed in an art deco vessel reminiscent of a diamond, Pure Honey’s amber bottle encapsulates the scent’s delightful warmth. Opaque and multifaceted, the bottle shifts seamlessly in the light from translucent to a deep, dark tone – mirroring the transformation of pure flower nectar into golden honey.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: Freesia, Mandarin blossom, Red rose
Heart Notes: Honeysuckle, Honeycomb, Orchid
Base Notes: Coconut, Musk, Vanilla

Although I may not be a huge fan of Kim Kardashian I will admit this fragrance smells amazing! Would recommend it to anyone who likes a pretty floral that is laced with sweetness.The newest Kim Kardashian fragrance is Pure Honey which I do think anyone who enjoys the scent of honey, sugar and honeycomb will lap up.The bottle is rather sweet and dare I say it inviting – an art deco inspired bottle with a cuter than cute little golden bee. Also the color of the liquid looks exactly like honey.

Basically Pure Honey is a bright yet sensual honey floral fragrance that some may find a little sweet but if you are looking for a fragrance that smells true to real honey this is the one. I would also say that if you enjoyed The Body Shop’s Honeymania range this is one for you. Upon first spritz I get a extremely sweet floral after a few hours of wear this does fade to a musk and then an obvious powdery talcum scent and the general longevity of this fragrance is quite good. What I love the most about this scent is the fact that it is a formal version of Chanel no.5 which I can’t seem to con myself into loving so this is ideal for me.

Price wise it is actually quite affordable being cheaper than other celeb scents it retails at R595 for 50ml or R695 for 100ml

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