May rubybox


Grazia rubybox
Grazia rubybox

This month we were spoilt by team Grazia’s beauty faves when rubybox teamed up with Grazia (A fashion and beauty weekly mag) to celebrate their first birthday!

May Grazia rubybox
May Grazia rubybox


  1. Bvlgari Jasmin Noir-1.5ml (R980-50ml)
    This is meant for the mysterious and sensual woman with a blend of      jasmine, florals and precious woods. This one is a really sweet woody      scent and I really do enjoy the Bvlgari range.


  1. Hannon Miracle Hair Treatment-15ml(R175-250ml)

Experience an immediate improvement as unruly coarse, brittle and frizzy hair gets transformed into silky, soft and shiny hair with the super moisturizing treatment. This treatment is ideal for hair which is naturally dry or has been dried out by regular heat styling and exposure to the elements. I love the heavenly scent of vanilla and my hair felt much softer after applying. It really is a miracle treatment that works in 10 minutes. My hair definitely needed this.



  1. Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection      Shine Mist-full size(R35)
    Now I’ve tried a lot of heat protectants      and they have always left my hair feeling greasy and heavy but with this      one I don’t feel it in my hair at all. Heat protectants are an absolute      must when you use heating tools and I even use it when I blow dry my hair.      It may specify use with a flat iron but I use it with my curling tongs      too. My hair looks much shinier and not dry. It contains green tea which      protects the hair and prevents it from going static and protects the hair      from UV and environmental damage. Plus I find the scant rather pleasant.      This brand has won numerous awards so I do suggest you give their range a      try.


  1. Rubybox tools Eyeshadow Brush-full      size(R89.95)

Another amazing addition to the rubybox tools brush collection. This gem is very versatile and serves all your shadow needs thanks to the smaller size and rounded tip. You can shade, highlight and blend shadow with this little brush. The super soft bristles of the brush worked well and didn’t absorb much of the eyeshadow.



  1. The Body Shop Born Lippy Pomegranate      Lip Balm-full size (R45)
    This buttery balm is extremely moisturising with a very nice fruity smell.      I do notice a slight orange/red tint but very subtle and hardly noticeable      which is great since I like to layer lipstick over it. This gives a nice      shine to the lips and I find the graffiti like packaging to be really      cute.

May rubybox collage


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