Your butt deserves SATU Laboratory gel wipe

Have you ever been tempted to use a wet wipe because why is toilet paper made so dry right? But then you see then then you think of how environmentally unfriendly wet wipes are. Well SATU laboratory has made all our dreams come true with their new gel wipes all it takes is 1 pump of this stuff and it will magically transform your toilet paper into an eco-friendly wet wipe!

Additionally when it comes to number two, we all know regular dry toilet paper doesn’t do the job on its own. It leaves too much grime behind and doesn’t give you that clean feeling you need to have a great day. Consider this. Which one of us would use just dry paper to clean grime from hands? But for bottom this is seen as “normal”.

The gel is hygienic but gentle on the skin it contains vitamin E for sensitive skin types and is 88% water.

I had the privilege of testing SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe, and I was instantly converted. Most people go through life accepting that toilet roll is the only toilet paper product to use however no more!

You are probably asking at this point where can I get this too??? Well I have a treat for you SATU have offered me a 20% discount code PBQ20 which can be used on page in checkout. Shipping is free worldwide

Company Background

The Nordic heritage company, SATU Laboratory, is world-renowned for being at the top of the toilet paper gel game. Their main business goals are providing the most eco-friendly and sustainable hygiene products.

SATU combines the highest quality of ingredients. So far, it is available to buy in 9 other countries. SATU is focused on upholding environmental protection and health. This gel is approved across Europe. Additionally, it is safe for children under 3-years old in the EU.

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