House of An image emporium now makes access to Alila and fake bake easily accessible to SA

Last week I attended the media launch for the launch of House of An in Greenstone as the first store that stocks fake bake and Alila in a store. Back in the day I think about 2 years ago a Alila lippie landed on my beauty desk and I immediately fell in love the scent, pigmentation, moisture, affordability won me over. Just a quick intro on Alila it is a proudly south african makeup brand that offers great quality and affordability but was only available for sale online. At the event I got to play around with the products and you can make kits and customise your pallets. House of An is really worth a pop in if you are in Johannesburg they sell many amazing brands like Alila, fake bake(this is a very popular brand overseas for self-tan products) , beyond bronze, battle house and lip attack. They also offer many services like a coffee corner, image consulting, slimming wraps, waxing and tinting, eye lash extensions, professional makeup training and occasion makeup. It’s such a cute shop situated at entrance 3 shop L135. We were given choices on which services we wished to receive I opted for the spray tan since I have never tried fake bake or a spray tan before I had the honour of being sprayed by the owner herself Nerike and we got to chat more. Brandon her brother also was my guide for the evening and he took us through the story. I can see this store being very successful in the future as a store heightens brand awareness and introduces new clients as regular people can wonder into the store and discover it. Definitely pop in and I would love to hear your thoughts


#RIPSimba Farwell Simba Mhere

There are a lot of mixed stories as to what happened here is the actual story Simba Mhere (26) best known for his role as presenter at top billing was
en route to OR Tambo
International Airport to catch a flight to Cape
Town to attend the J&B
Met. He was travelling with his
friend and father at the
time of the accident.
Simba was behind the
wheel when another car
collided with theirs on the driver’s side. He and he
friend, who has not been
named, died on impact
while his father escaped
unharmed. “Simba was a one of a
kind soul, loved
unconditionally by those
closest to him. He was
gentle, humble and
destined for immense success. Simba was simply
taken far too soon from
his family, friends, fans
and his future. There are
no words to describe what
his friends and family are going through,” said
Lorraine Maisel. This is just yet another sad incident of why people should stop driving drunk killing innocent people. Just another reminder that life so precious and can be taken away so easily and quickly.
Details of Simba’s funeral:
Simba MEMORIAL: 5 February 3-5pm
February 9-11am
Services at Rhema,
Randburg. Simba will be laid to rest at

Optiphi Body Curve Body Lotion review


Optiphi is not a very well known brand mainly due to the fact that it is only available at a few selected salons. But the quality of their products is salon quality. I was given the body curve lotion to try out basically it restores total skin hydration, it promises to not only
instantly hydrate the skin, but to keep it hydrated all day long. This is thanks to a gradual moisture delivery system. This system means that the lotion can help the skin retain moisture at a cellular level, assist the skin in optimizing its natural moisturising process and promotes elasticity by replenishing your skin’s moisture reservoir. It basically has an instant hydrating effect with long-term benefits. It claims to offer 24 hour hydration.Gradual
moisture delivery to the skin.

Okay, so body moisturisers are all fine and good, but for how long do you really feel the effects? Sadly, most of them don’t actually last past lunchtime – that’s why your skin feel
perpetually dry, even though you apply cream regularly. This is one of the many reason why I don’t bother using them and since I’ve switched to a shower cream my skin always feels hydrated and never feel dry. Another reason is I don’t like the wet, cold and sticky feeling they leave behind only to leave my skin in the same dry condition it was an hour later.

It is thicker than a normal lotion but thinner than a body butter. Light lotion that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, fast absorbing of which can feel the hydrating effect Smells fresh and natural but quite strong, leaves your skin feeling silky, smooth and soft Soothes dry skin with a long term benefits. It is supposed to be a daily lotion but at price point of R360 I would only use this weekly at most.

Lipidol cleansing face oil once you go oil you never go back

Lipidol cleansing face oil

What first drew me to this product was the price point at only R79.99(only available at clicks)this product is pretty affordable compared to other brands who make cleansing oil. The Lipidol range is released by the creators of bio-oil(which is the mother of all tissue oils) Once you try oil cleanser you really can’t look at any other type of cleanser the same way again, it is that life changing! Basically oil removes dirt and makeup(even waterproof ones) better(like dissolves like). Being a beauty blogger I am always trying new makeup so it’s good to know there is something that can remove all traces of makeup so easily. A few drops of this on dry skin massaging it in then wetting you hands and emulisifying it literally melts all makeup without stripping the natural skin’s oil. The skin is left feeling hydrated and not tight or dry and it kind of feels like a mini facial since you massage the product onto the face. Does not leave any oily residue though. Pretty ideal for my dehydrated skin. Dermalogica recommends using cleansing oils as a pre-cleanse but you can pretty much use Lipidol alone for a deep cleanse. A little goes a long way so this bottle will last ages.

Housed in a simple branded sturdy transparent bottle, the oil is slight blue in color with thin consistency.Doesn’t clog pores, suitable for sensitive skin. The Rosemary & Niaouli scent is refreshing. The Cleansing Oil has a mix of some very potent skincare ingredients like Argan Oil, Tea  Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Neem Oil,Turmeric extract etc. is what those scientific names
in the ingredient list mean. So much goodness for the skin I’ve also spotted Salicylic Acid in the ingredient list. It’s known to unclog pores, thus preventing acne.

Really give this one a try if you are ever in clicks. I can see this product being a permanent addition to my beauty routine and probably be in my best of 2015 choices.

Surprise yourself with rubybox


“Surprise yourself” the motto of the brand and it is I mean imagine only paying a mere R169 per month and getting a gift for yourself every month customised based on your profile worth R250 plus free delivery. Beauty is always evolving which is why being a beauty addict myself there is always new things to try out and play with which is also one of the benefits of this service it introduces you to all the latest beauty products in trial size form so you can sample before you buy the full size. A lot of my previous posts have discussed this brand so if you regulary visit you would know I was one of their ambassadors that I worked with closely and watched it grow from strength to strength.They recently sent me a little new year’s surprise which was a January rubybox to showcase and discuss with you all. I really love the rebranded boxes in gorgeous pink and white and the box now slides open like a drawer which I see making it useful to make a beauty drawer to store makeup. So let’s get to it…

1.Natural lab SPF 30 natural face cream

Never heard of this brand before but I was rather impressed. It is a “green product” containing only organic ingredients with no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Ingredients include goodies like fruit oil, rooibos, sunflower oil and aloe. It’s not highly pigmented just offers a nice dewy effect. Suprisingly enough it feels very light and after applied it doesn’t feel like I have anything on sort of like skin. All the day creams I’ve tried feels heavy on the skin especially with such a high SPF and the fact that it is tinted I suspect it is due to the fact that it is because it is a chemical SPF.

2.rubybox super seamless foundation brush

Identical to the brush I discussed before just the packaging has been changed.Great quality and still going strong in my makeup brush collection.

3.Africology body butter

Another eco-friendy proudly south african brand made from natural essential oils like marula, african potato, rooibos and aloe vera. A deeply moisturising body butter that doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky and is soft enough to spread easily. What I can’t stand though is the scent thing elizabeth arden 8 hour cream and it’s very strong and does not fade which really does overpower your perfume but otherwise great body butter if you can stand the smell.

4.Mavala cuticle remover

Offers a quick and painless way of pushing down the cuticles. One thing I really don’t do is push down cuticles and the only time it happens is when I get my nails done at a salon and even then I find it a painful experience I still don’t get bothered or notice cuticles really.

And that’s it so if you want to subscribe you can click on the rubybox logo on the left or type in They really do make an amazing gift for someone else or maybe even yourself the choice is yours 🙂

Planning on buying a new home anytime soon? Gumtree has you sorted.

Dream house
Dream house

Moving to a new home can be really daunting. All the packing, change of scenery, which house to pick, which area and all the countless houses to look at… It really is quite a mission not to mention a huge investment so everything must be perfect. Gumtree is here to help they have released nifty little tool it not only is a platform for buyers to connect with sellers but it also shows estimates of prices for buying or renting within the area so you will know how much a house in that area is worth and really be able to hunt down bargains. Since these are private sales you can cut out the middle man and save.


Here is SA the best places to stay are either JHB or Cape town. In JHB there are different areas which house different income classes and the prices and valuations vary accordingly. The northern suburbs being the most expensive eg. All houses in that area you are looking to at least spend over 1 million.

I have compiled some great tips for moving to try to simplify the process just a bit:


  • See moving as an opportunity to organize and purge. Make “donate,” “pitch,” and “sell” piles in each room for belongings you no longer want or need.
  • Arrange for a charity to come pick up items you plan to donate at the end of your packing schedule.
  • Paper is heavy and there is no need to move junk mail or outdated documents. Shred paper with personal information and send it all to the recycling bin.
  • Packing can become a trip down memory lane. Resist the temptation and get items packed rather than reminiscing. You’ll have plenty of time to go back and leisurely sift through your belongings after the move.
  • Create a moving binder with plastic sleeves for all your important moving information. It will be your go-to guide on moving day.
  • There is no need to pack a can of beans that expired two years ago. Throw out expired pantry items that are past their prime.


  • Begin by packing rooms and items that you use the least. A guest room, out-of-season clothing, or bulk items are safe bets.
  • Create packing zones in each room. You’ll need a place for empty boxes and supplies, a space for packed boxes, a giveaway pile, a packing area, and enough space to walk between the zones.
  • Keep supplies close at hand by wearing a tool belt or apron with pockets that hold tape, scissors, markers, labels, and a small notebook for jotting down reminders.
  • Give items a once-over with a microfiber cloth as you are putting them in boxes. If you dust as you pack, your belongings will be clean when you unpack them.
  • Don’t use flimsy moving boxes that are likely to break under pressure. Invest in a variety of double-ply cardboard boxes that will protect your belongings and hold up to the moving process.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items and remember to pack each box with the heaviest items at the bottom.
  • Purchase large stacks of newsprint packing paper for wrapping most of your possessions. It doesn’t leave any black marks like regular newspaper and provides excellent cushioning.
  • Use colored tissue paper to wrap small items. Brightly colored wrapping helps small items stand out so they don’t get thrown away.
  • Boxes should be completely filled or they may get crushed or dented during the move. Use packing material to fill corners and empty space.
  • Remember to purchase mattress bags or ask your movers to provide them on moving day. You don’t want to end up spending your first night on a dirty mattress.
  • Purchase large furniture bags or plastic wrapping to protect your upholstered pieces if you are doing the move yourself. This might save your sofa if it gets splashed by a muddy puddle on the way to the moving van.
  • Give your boxes a shake before sealing them. If you feel things sliding around or rattling, add more packing material.
  • Large frames with glass should be placed in a special frame box that protects the edges as well as the glass. Make an X with masking tape across the glass to hold glass together in case it breaks in transit.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to keep clothes hanging and wrinkle-free. Many moving companies will let your rent wardrobe boxes as long as you return them in good shape.
  • Dish barrel boxes are extra-strong cardboard boxes meant to hold the heavy weight of dishes. When you are arranging dishes in these boxes, pack them on their sides, not flat like in a cupboard.
  • Keep pillows, clothing, or other textiles pristine by putting them in clear garbage bags before placing them in boxes. Don’t use dark garbage bags for moving items as you might accidentally mistake them for garbage.
  • Use sealable plastic bags for all of your bathroom lotions and potions. Liquid toiletries can leak and the last thing you want is to unpack a soggy cardboard box.
  • Use a top layer of packing material to protect items in a box from getting sliced when you go to open the box with a utility knife.
  • Pack a suitcase for you and each family member like you’re going on vacation(even if you are just moving around the block). Your family will be able to live out of suitcases until all of their possessions are unpacked.

Saving money

  • To save some cash, look online or post a request on local message boards to see if anyone in your area is giving away gently used moving boxes.
  • Ask friends and family members if they have sturdy boxes, tape guns, or other moving supplies that they can share with you.
  • Use an online box estimator to determine how many cardboard boxes you’ll need for your move. Many companies will let you return unused boxes so it’s better to overestimate on your initial order.
  • Use regular newspaper from your recycling bin as a layer of padding at the bottom of boxes and around items that are already protected by packing paper. Just remember, your fingers may get black from handling newspapers and you risk staining items you are packing or unpacking.
  • Extremely fragile items may call for bubble wrap. It’s costly so use it sparingly.
  • Towels and sheets work as extra padding in boxes that hold fragile items. You’re packing and padding all at once!
  • Plastic shopping bags also work to pad items or provide a layer between two items in your box. Best of all, you can use what you have and they are free.

Moving out

  • Make a kit of items that you’ll need to clean your home before you leave. Keep this out until the last possible moment and put it in a box that will be one of the first you unpack in your new space.
  • Movers generally value your belongings at 60 cents per pound. Check your homeowner’s policy for coverage and inquire about additional moving insurance on high-ticket items.
  • If you or your movers are disassembling furniture, be sure to keep all screws and hardware in a sealable plastic bag that you take with you. Don’t let these important pieces get lost in the shuffle.
  • Open every door and drawer in the house as there may be belongings hiding in corners or rarely used cabinets. Check in appliances too; you don’t want to leave dishes in the dishwasher or clothes in the dryer.
  • Leave a box of information (appliance warranties, a vendor list, favorite local stores and restaurants, etc.) for the new owners. It’s good karma and you would be grateful if someone did the same for you.
  • Don’t focus only on packing the interior of your home. Be sure to do a quick sweep of your yard, shed, and garage.
  • Note scratches and dings on furniture before you move it. Digital photos are a great way to document pieces and prove the original condition.
  • After you pack up table and floor lamps, some rooms will be gloomy with only overhead lighting. Keep a work light or flashlight on hand to move from room to room and to peer into the back of dark closets and cabinets.

Moving in

  • On move-in day, hang color-coded signs over the doorways of each room that correspond to the colors on the box label. You and your movers will know exactly where to put your color-coded boxes.
  • Create priority boxes that contain things you’ll need as soon as you unpack like pans, dishes, and cleaning supplies. Color code and label them to make sure they are the first things you unpack.
  • Empty boxes take up too much room. As you are unpacking, break them down and place in a central pile to store or recycle.
  • Have a friend or family member check off the box numbers from your master list as they come through the front door of your new home. This is a smart way to double check that you’ve received all of your boxes.
  • Avoid making miscellaneous boxes by always assigning a room to every box. Movers don’t know what to do with a box that has no room assignment and neither will you.
  • Don’t start unpacking a new box until you have finished and broken down the last box you were working on. This saves you the frustration of rooms of half unpacked boxes.
  • As each item is unpacked, decide where it goes. If you don’t know why you have it, you probably don’t need it. It’s a good idea to start a donation and ditch pile during the unpacking process too.
  • Unpacking the kitchen is often a priority as everyone is likely to get hungry. Have paper plates and plastic cutlery on hand for your first few meals.
  • After the movers leave, you might want to adjust where you initially had them place your furniture. Furniture slides are a great and inexpensive way to save your back and move heavy pieces to new locations.



A message to all my readers and supporters

Hi all this new year I was looking at my blog baby in retrospect and I just felt I needed to thanks all my readers, supporters and brands who have supported me throughout last year and really made the blog such a success. I have met and had the opportunity to work with so many amazing brands and attend fabulous events and get to know so many amazing people through this platform. All you comments,follows,subscribes,likes,retweets and tweets mean the world to me without all of you this wouldn’t be possible and I try must best to interact with everybody as much as possible, it really brings me joy to share my insight,views and knowledge with others. Even though all my personal life goals were not achieved I really am thankful for how much my blog has grown! HAPPY NEW YEAR and here’s to many many more!


PINK-CHAMPAGNE_CELEBRATE_NEW-YEARS Parisinpink-lolitaeyes_effected parisinpink-shadesofpink121 free-download-happy-new-year-ecards-3 pink_balloons Happy-New-Year-Mint-Pink-Baloons-Ribbons-Fashion-DEsigner-Jewelry-Kendra-Scott happy-new-year-hanging-pink-heart-animated-graphic 6a00e552178e4988330162feaa2ffa970d-580wi 4249710182_ba210177a0 794613420_7675 794614548_13047 550214760_454950 1619284-bigthumbnail iStock_000018581868Small 9779 2012-confetti-downtown-glitter-happy-new-year-Favim_com-358236 sea-sparkle-4 sea-sparkle-7 gold-glitter-pumps-600x350 SheBookQuoteLife_zps9ce17a7c sparklers san-diego-event-holiday-nye-new-years-eve-party-planner-sparkle-glitter-shine-clocks-inspiration-ideas happy-new-year-pink-sparkle-glitter Happy-New-Year-Glitter sparkle-1024x973 happy-new-year-sparkle-550x320 nye56 hello-kitty-wishing-happpy-new-year A-Girl-A-Style-_-New-Years-Eve capodanno pink-champagne-klein firework-australia-sydney-pink-happy-new-year-celebrate-celebration-water-night-sky-party-special-occasion

Introducing the new skincare collection from Sorbet

I still remember the days when Sorbet was just a salon this place is still my favorite to get facials, nails or massages done at pretty reasonable prices and they’ve pretty much been growing by the day with products being sold at Clicks and salons opening at many malls. They were kind enough to offer us a power hour mani voucher to get pampered before the event I opted for a gelish colour called “june bride” and am really happy with the lasting power, the staff are always well educated and friendly.

Last week I attended a launch with a difference the folks from Sorbet and Clicks treated us to a #SorbetSkinShow which showcased the collection on the runway. They spent many years developing the products so a lot of love and care went into them.


This collection of skincare is split into 3 ranges and instead of opting for the traditional skin types categories (i.e. Dry, normal, oily and combination) they opted to address skin concerns instead which is ideal for me since my category is somewhat mixed I have oily yet dehydrated skin which means I sit in between oily ranges make my skin peel yet dry skin ranges make my skin too greasy (It’s a nightmare to find skincare that works for me. Trust me!). Packaging wise the products look quite sturdy and classy in glass like plastic also the tubs come with spatulas to prevent germs from spreading.

The ranges are:

  • Hydro Skin


The “blues” developed specifically for tired and dehydrated skin that needs a boost. Designed for people in their 20s. The 4 products in this range are designed to restore a bright and healthier looking complexion by incorporating moisture back into the skincare regimen. The magic ingredients in this are hyaluronic acid, shea butter, omega 3 & 6 and vitamin A & E. I was given the day and night cream (R149.95 each) to play with and once applied it really feels like I’ve just splashed water on my face. The scent smells like a green floral. The day cream only contains an SPF 15 which is a bit low so I would top up with a higher sunscreen afterwards.

  • Salon Skin Specialist care


The “purples” developed specifically for problematic skin concerns (like break outs, blemishes and uneven skin tone) and curb irritated skin. Mixing a bit of science and nature together has resulted in the 8 products in this range which are designed to stop problem skin in its tracks. This is my fave range as they are products that will give you the salon feel. I was given the daily skin polish powder (R220) this one is a cheaper version of the Dermalogica daily microfoliant I compared the ingredients and they are identical even the feel and scent is the same, this comes in a powder form so you mix it with water to form a paste but I prefer to mix it in with my cleanser. It’s not too abrasive or grainy but does the job like a gentle exfoliator as it is branded as a micro-exfolitor which instantly brightens the skin. The magic ingredients being salicylic acid, papin, rice powder, lavender, grapefruit, tea tree oil and vitamins A, C&E. They also have a 3 in 1 cleansing oil which is a dead ringer for the Dermalogica precleanse at a snip of the price(R129.95), vitamin rescue masque and facial tissue oil(R220)

  • Age Affect


The “pinks” developed specifically for mature skin (over 35s) that the signs of ageing skin are a concern. The 6 products in this range are an intense anti-ageing solution for a more plump youthful appearance with reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The magic ingredients are Q10, Matrixyl synthe’6 and vitamins A, C and E. I was given the day cream (R169.95) which smells like fruit cocktail very hydrating and not too thick so easily and quickly absorbed. I also received the lip and eye repair serum (R154.95) most eye creams can be used as lip balms (if you were wondering) due to the hydrating properties. I used it as an eye cream and I find it very hydrating and absorbs really quickly.

All of these items are available at Clicks and Sorbet stores nationwide. Definitely stop by and take a browse.

Bye bye bad hair days thanks to John Frieda


Ages ago I received a box of John Frieda I was most impressed with the frizz-ease 3 day straight. When I picked this up I was quite fascinated as I have never seen anything like it. It is basically a semi permanent styling spray. Now my hair is rather unruly I battle with frizz and my hair has slight waves so I either need to curl or straighten it for it to look decent. A few spritzes of this in my hair and even without a the use of a hair tool my hair looks significantly straighter. It just says use with a straightener but I tried and it works really well with curls too. This is basically a perm in a bottle it keeps my hair shape for 3 days or until your next wash whichever is earlier. It feels weightless on the hair and includes a heat protectant I don’t even need to use a styling spray to hold the style (I try to avoid styling spays and gel since I feel it makes my hair stiff and unnatural). It contain ingredients like keratin protein which wraps each strand sealing in the style. Hair looks glossy, smooth and full of body. You will be glad to know it is safe for colour and chemically treated hair. How you use it is wash and condition hair as normal, spray it on wet hair, blow dry and style.
John Frieda is always a brand I trust as it is affordable and has different ranges to suit any need. Plus their products are innovative. Products can be found at Clicks and the RSP for the 3 day straight spray is R150.

Summer tips with Dermalogica and Gert-Johan Coetzee

Last week I attended an event hosted by Dermalogica and Gert-Johan Coetzee. I always love Dermalogica events I always learn something new from the skin guru Sonette every time.

On the top right hand corner Gert-Johan is using my 1 of my top 5 lip balms the age smart renewal lip complex

So the theme was summer so Sonette educated us more about sunscreen.
She summarized the relationship of UV rays and the skin into:

A:Anti aging
Leads to premature aging of the skin that can be evidenced by pigmentation and wrinkles

This is the redness and is painful and destroys skin. Sunburn cooks the proteins in your skin, collagen and elastin. Very similar to putting your arm on a frying pan (And I’m sure we wouldn’t try that at home)


D:Vitamin D
This may sound great but I would rather supplement this in my diet rather than from the sun.We need 10-15 minutes a day of sunlight which will allow us with sufficient vitamin D production. Older people need a little bit more.

Now how exactly do you know which SPF factor to use? The answer is you can use any the different factors just mean length of time in the sun before reapplication is different. Here is a simple example: SPF (15) x time (10 minutes) it would normally take to burn = length of time in the sun before re-applying sunblock (150 minutes).

There are 2 types of sun protection chemical and physical (the more popular one that is found in day creams, foundations and many leading sun screen brands)

Chemical vs. physical sun protection

Chemical protection:
*Interact with the skin’s top layer to absorb rays
*Converts rays to energy
*Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Octocrylene
*Normally use a combination to protect against UVA and UVB

Physical protection:
*Sit on the skin and reflect or scatter UV rays. Therefore best suited for sensitive skin types.
* White cast on skin reflect the rays. Not ideal for photographs as you will get white flash back.
*Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide (Micronized versions contain nanoparticles and appear more clear on the skin)
*Zinc Oxide protects against UVA and UVB, whereas Titanium Dioxide protects against UVB mainly but does protect against UVA too

I’m really loving the Protection 50 Sport SPF50 is a broad-spectrum sunscreen which utilises lipid-rich Oleosome microspheres that boost sun protection (SPF50!) and antioxidants to help defend the skin.
-UV Smart Booster Technology: an encapsulated complex of antioxidant vitamins C and E; scavenges UV-induced free radicals while enhancing photoprotection.
-Oleosome Technology: a Safflower-derived, sunscreen-filled capsule that provides enhanced moisturization while boosting SPF.
-Grape Seed and Green Tea: soothing botanical extracts that provide anti-enzyme and antioxidant protection.
-Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (vitamin C) and Tocopherol (vitamin E): antioxidants that improve skin smoothness and softness, and help control damage caused by free radicals.

The formula includes a blend of essential oils to soothe irritation from UV exposure, while Hyaluronic Acid binds moisture to the skin without greasiness. It really isn’t greasy at all as it doesn’t sit on top of the skin since it is chemical protection. Due to the Hyaluronic Acid which has the property of locking in moisture it gave my skin a gorgeous sheen all day without any heavy feeling on my skin at all I couldn’t feel anything on my skin actually. I’m using it in place of a body moisturiser because it feels like skin!

Then Gert-Johan Coetzee gave us 5 tips to get our wardrobe summer ready:

1.Unpack your closet
2.Keepers: 3 categories 
*no-things you don’t like, donate these to charity
*yes-items you love
*maybe-I will lose weight,, it’s in ok condition, one day… He referred to a 1 year rule where he turns hanger around if items have been worn.
3.Box it: All the items in the “No” category
4.Colour code your wardrobe-he recommends dark to light
5.Shopping tip: keep a list in your purse of items you need or create a mood board

Summer trends:

*Tropical prints
*Beach cover ups-perfect if your body is not yet summer ready for that bikini.
*All white swim wear
*Floral maxi skirt
*Metallic highlight

His final words: “Know what you have and plan”, “Nude is a different for everybody it is not a physical colour it is there to elongate you eg. Shoes must be 1 shade darker than your skin tone. You wore a beige shoe not nude!”