Dermaceutic a revolution in skincare

Just a bit of background on the brand itself before we begin. Dermaceutic wants to offer doctors and the patients a home range that works well with professional skin peels. Their range works hand-in-hand in preparing the skin for peels as well as the maintenance care after a peel. It can also be used to on its own to help alleviate common skin problems like acne, pigmentation, aging skin, fine lines, etc. Dermaceutic is one of the first ranges to introduce glycolic acid into home- care products. It’s a nifty little molecule which penetrates the skin to accelerate exfoliation by destroying the links that bind dead skin cells together. Glycolic acid works like tiny ‘pacmen’, eating away at the glue between the cells: It reacts with the top layer of skin, breaking it down by dissolving sebum and other substances that bind cells together Dead skin cells are sloughed off revealing smoother and brighter looking skin. It has the smallest molecules in the group so is able to penetrate skin deeply and easily, making it the most effective for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, oiliness etc younger looking skin. You might be thinking “what acid on my face?!” but trust me it’s a good acid and works better than any normal grainy exfoliator would and it’s only a very low manageable dosage too. Makes it more sensitive to sun because peeling off a skin layer so must wear sun screen to prevent more damage.

My skin is uber reactive and I experience quite a few breakouts so I was really excited to give these a try when they landed on my beauty desk. I was sent 2 products to play around with. First up the Foamer 5 is an exfoliating cleanser that is recommended for dry and sensitive skins with dull complexion, irregular texture and skin imperfections. It contains 5% Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and remove impurities, and Enoxolone which is an anti-inflammatory agent known for its soothing and calming properties. The cleanser is a very light and airy foam which comes in a simple pump bottle. Did you know that most cleansers don’t actually work in that they don’t sit on the skin long enough to actually work and most just strip and clean the top layer of skin not like that with this cleanser as stated above the glycolic acid deep penetrates the skin and this cleanser works on the first cleanse I immediately noticed that my skin did achieve the result of becoming smoother, brighter, while my pores tightened and contracted. I never experienced any stinging or sensitivity and it didn’t leave my skin feeling dried out or stripped. And I used it daily. I highly recommend it possibly the best most effective cleanser I’ve tested.

derm cleanser

Next up the Mask 15. Dermaceutic Mask 15 is an oil reducing mask that targets oily and acne-prone skin. This astringent clay mask removes dead skin cells, purifies the skin and removes excess oil all the while tightening pores and mattifying the skin. Think of it like a mini peel, producing professional dermatological results from the comfort of your home. This sounds like the description of most clay masks, but take note: it contains 15% Glycolic Acid. 15%! That is powerful stuff. It also contains Salicylic acid which further aids in the exfoliation process and Bentonite which is a highly absorbent clay. So basically, this mask contains ingredients that penetrate the pores, loosen all the nasty stuff and then suck out the gunk. And trust me it does. You can actually see it. This mask leaves my skin clearer and brighter than any other at home mask. Mask are my favourite face product it’s so quick and easy and great for pamper time. Texture wise it appears to be much more thicker and clay-like than other clay masks on the market.

derm mask

About 30 seconds after I applied the mask my skin felt really tingly (indicating the mask is working) which it says it normal – no pain no gain haha 😉 I washed it off after 2 minutes with cold water and my skin felt tingly for a few minutes and was a small bit red, but when I looked in the mirror half an hour or an hour later the redness was completely gone and my skin looked really fresh and moisturised. Please take note to use this mask only as directed as it really is potent. Apply a thin layer and leave it on for only 2 to 4 minutes. I’d suggest that you start with 2 and only increase the time if your skin reacts favourably. This mask is also only recommended for use once or twice a week. Love that it does what it’s supposed to in no time flat. Quick and easy. It will also last you extremely well as a little goes a long way. Really amazing product.

Good night drink would like to “sleep with you”

This drink is probably one of the first of its kind to hit SA shores instead of the conventional energy drink this one as the name suggests is a drink to do quite the opposite a herbal concoction to help you relax and sleep peacefully.


The Look: Very straight forward design! I feel the simplicity of this dark cobalt blue can, pictured with a clear starry night just sets the scene of relaxation with the crescent moon. The words “Good night Drink’n Dream” is clearly the slogan here. Lightly carbonated drink, pleasant faint smell. I find it not really fruity, but a slight hint of bubble gum, mixed with a light berry flavouring. The flavour is cactus fig which is more commonly known as prickly pear.

This product is quoted to: relieves stress and pressure shortens the time it takes to fall asleep helps retain deep regenerative sleep helps individuals to ease PFT and reduce anxiety, fear and stress during flights specially developed to ensure peaceful sleep during flights reduces jet lag ensures a healthy sleep for maintenance of energy all day long ensures a relaxing sleep promoting better sports achievements ensures a peaceful sleep resulting in better job achievements.

Now I’m not an insomniac myself I usually pass out by the time I hit the bed but this will be handy for me when I’m on a flight as I do battle to sleep on planes but even without trying it on the plane I did feel more relaxed and a bit sleepy after I tested it and taking a close look at the ingredients it appears to be a winning formula.

If you break down some of the ingredients you can see why this drink will not fail you.

*Valerian: the main ingredient a natural sedative used to treat insomnia, anxiety and nervous restlessness.

*Lavender is used to lengthen total sleep time, increase deep sleep, and make people feel refreshed. I have always been a fan of lavender scented candles for sleeping.

*Rose Hip: The adrenal glands are responsible for releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which help you react to stressful situations. Rose hips may help support your adrenal and other glands when your body is under stress.

*valerian ROOT has been used throughout history as a sleep aid, but some research suggests that its ability to calm may be chalked up to a placebo effect.

You can find these at selected Spar stores nationwide.

Slim Sonic A Toothbrush That’s A Fashion Accessory!

Pretty pretty
Pretty pretty

Ever hated hauling around your electric tooth brush while travelling worrying about how to store it keeping it clean and it being quite heavy. Well that’s where the awesome peeps at VIOlife came up with a solution for us this brush is pretty awesome it comes in 19 trendy designs is light weight and super compact at first glance you wouldn’t even think it was a tooth brush it kind of reminds me of a tube of mascara really. The cap clicks shut tightly so you know it is properly sealed and the cap won’t come off randomly in your bag which also happens to nicely cover the button so you won’t have to worry about it turning on. The 3 ventilation holes at the top keep the brush hygienic and clean as we wouldn’t want any fungi or germs forming. It operates at a powerful 22000 strokes per minute so don’t underestimate the power of this little gadget. It operates on a AAA battery which I recommend you take out if you plan on not using it for an extended amount of time. The battery and additional brush head are included in the pack. To summarise this can be categorised as a hybrid between a normal tooth brush and an electric tooth brush.


You can purchase yours at for R299

One direction fragrance you & I review

Yet another fragrance from the boy band this one being named after one of their songs.

New Images

Now looks wise this bottle I always give props for how nice the bottles look. A huge selling point to this perfume was that lovely little charm around the neck I always love little details like this and it is recommended to be worn on a necklace but I prefer it as a statement ring. I do recommend you remove the charm once you start using it as the cap doesn’t lock properly if you don’t and the top will come off easily in your handbag. It’s a lovely sentiment- I’m just picturing many younger fans wearing the charm on a necklace. But it is a flaw to the product.

The Fragrance is described as: “Bright splashes of mango and refreshing grapefruit are combined with a heart of creamy osmanthus, exotic orchid and soft peony to offer a romantic signature that captures the peak of nature in bloom. Background notes of musk, indulgent praline and sandalwood blend to wrap the fragrance in smooth, seamless harmony.” When I spritz it I do feel it definitely has the younger ladies in mind as it smells quite playful a lot like a fruit salad as the mango and grape fruit are very prominent and kind of overpowers the rest of the notes I get a slight hint of sandalwood undertone hours later but still very fruity.

Lasting power on this one is great since it’s a EDP so it is good value for money.

Definitely directed perfectly towards it’s fan base though and I’m sure every fan probably owns this. You can grab yours at clicks, dis-chem, edgars, Foschini, red square, stuttafords and truworths for R495(30 ml) and R595(50 ml)

Essence soft touch mousse make-up

The make-up range with a super delicate mousse texture gives your face a smooth and natural-looking matt complexion while allowing your skin to breathe freely

  • The best performing make-up range is being extended
  • Improvement of colour choice to fit market needs
  • Launch of highly demanded shade in darker and lighter colour shade extension with new caramel shade, new mahogany shade and new porcelain shade
Going from L to R the swatched shades are 09 matt porcelain, 02 matt beige, 50 matt caramel and 60 matt mahogany
Going from L to R the swatched shades are 09 matt porcelain, 02 matt beige, 50 matt caramel and 60 matt mahogany

Essence soft touch mousse remind me of Maybelline dream matte mousse in all ways and really is a true dupe from packaging to quality and feel.

Packaging wise it comes in a glass jar which is not as travel friendly as it’s heavier and prone to breaking.

It definitely feels and looks like mousse the product glides on like velvet most likely due to all the silicone in it. Is extremely light weigh I barely notice I have it on and it offers a very high coverage since its thick enough to sit on top of the face rather than be absorbed. It sets to a nice matte finish and stays put on the face all day. This foundation is perfect for oily skinned girls as it is oil free and keeps the shine away from your T-zone all day. The texture is amazingly soft and does a great job at concealing blemishes and redness in the process. Product is best applied with you fingers due to the thick texture there is really no way to apply it with a brush but if you really don’t want to use your hands you can use a makeup sponge or beauty blender.

You can find these at Clicks and selected Dis-chem stores at only R69.95 they are as cheap as chips.

G-Star RAW for Spring/Summer ’15

Jeans connect us all.

A community beyond location, status, gender, or age.  Beyond style. Beyond fit.

The one garment we truly wear our own way.

For their Spring/Summer ’15 campaign, G-Star RAW has captured this essence of jeans and expressed it through their diverse range of styles and fits. As the brand housing a perfect jean for every body, G-Star enlisted Ellen von Unwerth to photograph the campaign, a natural fit in itself with her affinity for denim and forte with the female subject.

Long revered as more than just a fabric, von Unwerth’s style captures the attitude of denim. Fresh and spirited, G-Star’s group of jeans lovers create a scene that feels now. They embody the freedom of jeans – that original workwear garment uniting wearers around the world, allowing every individual to express their personal style.

The campaign shows the spectrum of jeans offered by G-Star. With men’s and women’s styles that span skinny to loose, raw to distressed, dark indigo to chalk white, timely to timeless –the brand’s mastery of denim is clear. Women’s jeans are a particular strength of the brand, having extensively researched the details (from the perfect shape, size and placement of back pockets and side seams, to the ideal shape of waistbands) for the ultimate flattering fit. The girls of the campaign show just how good the right pair of jeans can look, a theme perfected by von Unwerth herself.

“Apart from being sensual and feminine, my models are also strong, persuasive, intense…

G-Star has always has been on the raw, spontaneous, kind-of-young-and-wild side – my work fits them in that way.” Ellen von Unwerth

Using a slogan-hashtag combination, “Wear it #tightorwide” carries the campaign into an online activation, encouraging one to voice their opinion about how they wear their jeans; their preferred tightness, or wideness. With the industry’s current liking for all things “boyfriend”, baggy, or flared, vying against the much-loved skinny jean – #tightorwide is set to fuel the feud.

If only I could do that
If only I could do that

REN flash rinse 1 minute facial

ren flash rinse


A transforming treatment that instantly revitalizes and visibly rejuvenates the skin. Formulated with potent water-activated vitamin C, this one-minute facial gives immediate spa facial results, leaving skin firm, toned, and smoothed. Reducing signs of fatigue, photo-aging, and skin imperfections, skin instantly glows with renewed health and radiance. Breakthrough technology locks 10 percent vitamin C in a silica/glyceride matrix to maximize effectiveness. Stabilized vitamin C supports natural collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity, and evens out skin tone while boswellic acid relaxes muscles and fights facial fatigue, diminishing appearance of lines and wrinkles. Lastly, magnesium energizes the complexion and boosts radiance for a glowing complexion.

My Thoughts:

REN probably make the BEST face masks out there! REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial is a oily slightly gritty(but not exfoliating), pale green gel-like paste that is neither creamy nor fluffy. Apply it to a cleansed and DRY face and massage it in briefly while enjoying the pleasant orange scent( from the vitamin C) sweet scent reminiscent of candy. Then, wet your fingers and gently rub water over your face for a minute. Because this unique formula is water free, Vitamin C is encapsulated with silica and glyceride to remain stable. Only when you add water to emulsify the Flash Rinse will the 10% concentration of Vitamin C become active. Bye urban grey. Love that it is so quick and easy and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and dewier.

Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants available. It boosts collagen and adds brightness to skin while addressing sun damage and hyperpigmentation. REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial revives your complexion instantly. The addition of boswellic acid and magnesium helps relax facial muscles and adds radiance to the skin. Unless you have ultra sensitive skin, enjoy this treat every three days for optimal results. Just a tip shake the tube before every usage otherwise you will be greeted by a blob of oil and a dried up product very soon.

You can purchase REN products at selected Foschinis and Woolworths stores.

New launches from Avon

New launches from Avon

Always love Avon as a brand who always comes out with so many new products at such affordable prices. All these items can be found and purchased from the new April brochure which has Avon cherish fragrance on the cover.

  1. Avon colour correcting pearls (R159.95)

Avon cc pearls

The pearls mix together to give a colour combination that corrects all your skin concerns. It is a possible dupe for Guerlain Meteorites pearls except these are shimmery and the Guerlain ones are matt but it’s a fraction of the prices.  It gives a nice glow and doesn’t dry out the skin it can be used as a setting powder over foundation or just on the cheeks as a blushes as the red colour tends to dominate the other pearls. It gives a nice subtle glowy sheen and is not over-shimmery( which is something I tend to avoid as it makes my face look larger and too shiny) It has a light subtle scent which you barely notice once it is applied.

  1. Avon darby earings and bracelet (R109 and R119 respectively)
Pretty Pretty
Pretty Pretty

I am always amazed at the quality of the Avon jewellery collection they look beautiful and last ages without changing colour, falling apart or looking like a cheap piece of plastic. I would even go as far to say they are better than the overpriced Zuri’s costume jewellery.

  1. Tinted lip balms(R129.95)

avon lipbalm

These lip balms aren’t like other tinted lip balms on the market that only offer a hint of colour which you can hardly see this one really does pack a lot of colour. It contains bees wax which seals in moisture. The one I received is the shade reviving raspberry which is a hot pink. It doesn’t offer as much colour as a lipstick would but is really nice for a hint of colour that actually shows up on the lips plus the lasting power is amazing like with many Avon lip product.

  1. ColourTrend Glossy lip pencil ( R89.95)

avon glossy lip pencil

These lippies come in a very convenient crayon packaging but although it does offer a high gloss finish I do feel that the colour payoff is rather sheer.

  1. Bright start fresh look foundation SPF 15 (R189.90)

avon bright start foundation

Contains super foods like pomegranate and orange extract and contains collagen and elastin which instantly boosts skin’s moisture. All Avon foundations I’ve tested are more aimed for oily skin types and this is no exception which is probably why it is oil free. When applied it does give a glowy effect without the use of shimmers(which as you know I loathe in foundations) It gives quite a sheer natural coverage so I would rather think of it as a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. The nice air tight pump packaging does preserve the active ingredients for longer. My skin is more on the normal side so it did dry out my skin after a while if you are like me I would suggest you first apply a moisturiser underneath.

  1. Avon supreme oils range


This range consists of 5 oils which restore elasticity, revive radiance, provide nourishment and salon worthy softness. Lately all brands are about the hair oil fad and hair oil is great for dry hair the best oil being argan oil which I’m disappointed isn’t in the ingredients. I pick up on macadamia, grape seed and almond oil in the ingredients list. The duo treatment spay is particularly nice as you just give your hair a few spritz to freshen it up and tame frizz.

  1. Intensive relief range


Just in time for winter this range is specifically designed for extremely dry and sensitive skin

  1. Silky moisture tissue oil (R139.95)


This gorgeous pink tissue oil contains argan oil. I like to add a few drops of this to my bath.

  1. Avon cherish EDP (R370)

avon cherish

Avon is a brand with makes it pretty simple to layer and amplify scents as they come in a body lotion variant too. So basically how layering works is you apply the body lotion then the perfume as moisturised skin holds on to fragrance molecules better but it is tough sometimes to find a scentless moisturiser to pair with other fragrances.  In my opinion the two notes that I smell the most are musk and orange blossom. The last one does give it a bit of floral scent to it, but the musk makes it very strong and creamy.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Cherry Blossom.

Middle notes: Tiare Flower, Jasmine Sambac.

Base notes: White Musk, Sandalwood.

It’s soft and sweet (but subtly so), and, to me, smells very French.It’s got a musky base that gives it an edge and jasmine and sandalwood are also in the mix. Lasting power is not as great so be prepared to reapply during the day. The bottle looks beautiful but the cap is more decorative then practical as the scent can still spray without removing the cap and it is pretty open so the scent evaporates more quicker. I imagine this to be more of an autumn kind of a scent.

Burning Questions We Have For ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’


If you’re reading this, then you probably already know that “Fifty Shades of Grey” ends with a major cliffhanger. Either that, or you’re just a glutton for punishment in the form of spoilers. But regardless of your personal issues, “Fifty” left us with a whole gaggle of hot, burning questions even before the sure-to-be-controversial ending — questions we need answered now, dammit!

Here are some of the ones that have our brains quivering with anticipation… for the two sequels the next one is set in 2016.

1. How do Christian and Ana move past that horrible fight?
Maddeningly (a guy in my theater full-on screamed, “WHAT?!”), “Fifty Shades” ended right after the film’s most brutal scene — Christian (Jamie Dornan) repeatedly hit Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) with a belt as a punishment for doing basically nothing. Touching him? Yeah, I think it was touching him.
She then (understandably) breaks up with him, but when she flees his apartment, he tries to change her mind at the elevator — and seemingly succeeds? Basically, he says her name, she says his, but then the elevator doors close… and so does the movie. We know films two and three will find Christian and Ana crossing paths again, but how they’ll get past that episode is definitely the number one question on our minds.

2. Why is Christian the way that he is?
We learned a lot about Ms. Steele throughout the film, but Christian stayed maddeningly quiet about his past. We know it involves a sordid family history, an adoption, and a child abusing “Mrs. Robinson,” but so much else — like why he freaks the eff out whenever he’s touched — remains to be seen. How does one go from a “free” submissive to an uber-controlling dominant? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

3. How did Christian hide his Red Room of Pain from his family?
Okay, so everybody I was with laughed at me about this one, but how did Christian — whose mother was shown casually dropping by, as if this was a common thing — successfully hide his Red Room of Pain from his entire, seemingly close family? Like, if your lovingly nosey mother dropped by and you had this one, mysterious room that you always kept locked and were super weird about, don’t you think said mother would find a way to figure out what was in there? A mother always knows.

4. Where were all the dildos?
We saw a whole lot of things in Christian’s RRoP — ropes, cable ties, flogs, whips, handcuffs… basically, the whole kit and caboodle. However, dildos were nowhere to be found, which is strange because they were on the freaking contract. Were they not allowed to appear due to some sort of ratings issue, or did director Sam Taylor-Johnson shy away from them because they’re not sexy or BDSM enough? Either way, they’re a frequently used sexual commodity, so their absence was glaring.

5. What’s the deal with Anastasia’s mom?
Pretty much all of the other mothers I know — would never be okay with their daughter’s (or son’s!) new boy/girlfriend crashing a family trip uninvited all stalker-like. There has to be more going on with her, because allowing that to happen, and even framing it as something romantic, is just wrong.

6. Did Kate actually get a journalism job?
… Because if so, journalism is dead, long live journalism. We all love our girl Kate Kavanagh, but real magazines and newspapers — and heck, even blogs! — aren’t really cool with their reporters sending their roommates to do their interviews for them because they have a cold.

7. Who ate that wonderful sushi?
Obviously Anastasia has some weird issues with food, but that sushi they served during the negotiation scene looked Grade-A excellent, and to see it sitting there uneaten inspired a rage in me that hadn’t been felt since Walter White threw that pizza on the roof on “Breaking Bad.” You just don’t do that to sushi. Let’s hope one of Christian’s uber-blonde assistants found a bottle of chard and went to town.

Eyeliner 101 my tips and tricks


Ever since I tweeted my Christmas makeup look I have been getting a lot of questions about my eyeliner so I thought I would just do a post on it to try and answer everybody’s questions. Firstly I’d like to point out that even though my eyeliner always looks flawless it takes lots of practise and I don’t always get it perfect on the first try. I have been wearing eyeliner since I was 12 so I have had a LOT of practise and learnt a lot of tricks along the way.

Eyeliner is a pretty essential step since it frames and highlights the eyes giving them depth. There are many types of eyeliners out there.  I always like to keep a cotton bud dipped in eye makeup remover handy to clean up any mistakes or rough edges.

We have the pen liquid form which is by far my favourite I’m really loving the bourjois mega liner which has a very unique flat nib which makes it easy for me to just create dashes and form a line easily simply by dabbing across although it states that it last 24 hours it is not at all waterproof so you really need to stay away from water 1 drop of water and it becomes a wet runny black mess but the benefits of the unique shape of the nib which I haven’t found in any other brand makes this still my fave. It’s highly pigmented. I prefer pens as I feel they are the quickest and easiest to use although for novices it can get very messy.

Then we have good old eye pencil this is what I started with and it is the best for beginners my fave is the essence long lasting eye pencil this one doesn’t need to be sharpened as it is a pen form so you just twist. It is really long lasting and waterproof so doesn’t shift at all throughout the day. To make this even more long lasting and soften it up a bit I like to set it with an eyeshadow of the same shade I really like using the matte eyeshadow from the Justine luxe eyeshadow pallete. Also this form of eyeliner is great to use under liquid to perfect the shape and style you want.

Then we have eye shadows that can be used for a more natural and soft look I do this for day wear looks when I wear bold lips.
Then we have liquid liner in brush form I honestly have one of these as my first liquid liner purchase pre-pen age and I have never gotten use to it.
Lastly we have gel liner this creates a more softer look than liquid but is a bit more time consuming since you need to use a brush but I highly recommend the essence gel liner it stays put forever I even battle to remove it in the evenings and is really good value for money since essence products are cheap as chips.

So that’s it when it comes to eyeliner it’s not that complicated really just takes a bit of practise and finding out what works for you. I hope that answers all your questions and if you do have any questions or tips that I have left out please comment down below as I would love to hear x