Review: Avon mark liquid lip lacquer matte




Avon lip product have always been a firm favorite of mine and this one of course did not disappoint. Avon really have perfected lip products and have the winning formula in this field.

I present to you the Mark matte liquid lipstick line (R84.90). The colour range it pretty wide so there will be a shade that will catch your eye.

This time around these are the oh so trendy liquid lipsticks.

So let’s start with packaging… beautiful, simple yet classy. The clear rectangular tube with a screw cap lid looks like glass but is actually plastic so it is durable, lightweight and small so easy to carry around. The applicator is a diamond shaped sponge applicator which provides precise application and is flexible and picks up just the right amount of product.


The formula is a dream it is a mousse that glides on the lips and leave lips velvety smooth and leaves lips moisturised and is not drying at all. It is non-sticky, super pigmented and to never bleed or feather. It is long wearing thanks to the “Magnet Lock Technology” which makes pigment cling to your lips for dear life. It’s nice and comfortable to wear and really easy to top up when it does start to fade because it just blends back together. It gives off this amazing berry scent. It also has a built-in primer guarantees a smooth, even application and keeps colour on lock down.

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